Athletic & Recreation Department Vision

Mount St. Joseph University strives to provide the highest quality programs for recreation, sports, and intercollegiate athletics for students, faculty and staff.

Athletics and Recreation Philosophy

Mount St. Joseph University provides sports, recreation and leisure programs for all students, staff and faculty. These programs are provided through intercollegiate athletics sports teams, intramural sports leagues, informal recreational opportunities, and strength and conditioning facilities available in the Fitness Center.

The departmental philosophy is to provide programs that promote the character development of participants, enhance the integrity of higher education and to promote civility in society. Students, coaches, and all others associated with the athletics and recreational programs and events adhere to such fundamental values as respect, fairness, civility, honesty, and responsibility. These values should be manifest not only in sports participation, but also in the broad spectrum of activities affecting the athletics and recreation programs.

Goal Areas

  1. Excellence in programming and academic endeavors
  2. Integration of life and learning
  3. Respect and concern for all persons
  4. Diversity of cultures and beliefs
  5. Service to others

Objectives of the Goal Areas

  1. Excellence in All Endeavors
    • Assists students to develop their full potential.
    • Establish goals and policies within programs that are educationally sound and which complement the mission of the University.
    • Upholds high ethical standards in conducting all aspects of the programs.
    • Develops physical, analytic, and communication skills of all participants.
    • Retain and graduate students participating in intercollegiate athletic programs comparable to the entire student population.
    • Students in intercollegiate athletic programs will perform academically comparable to the entire student population.
  2. Integration of Life and Learning
    • It develops men and women to be leaders in their chosen fields.
    • Develop student’s character by practicing and abiding by fundamental values of good sportsmanship.
    • Develop skills in managing conflict and collaborative problem solving.
  3. Respect and Concern for All Persons
    • Teach collegiality and respect for authority, peers, and others.
  4. Diversity of Cultures and Beliefs
    • Promotes interaction among all students, educators, faculty and other staff.
    • Contribute to the appreciation of cultural values.
  5. Service to Others
    • Promote and encourage service to others through formal programs, participation in the Service Learning Program, or other informal opportunities for service in the College or external community.

The department strives to maintain the highest quality programs and opportunities by undergoing annual and continued assessment of the objectives within the goal areas, and by regular self-assessment of the strength and weakness of the essential elements of the mission and philosophy.

The image of both internal and external stakeholders will be one of the highest integrity. This high integrity will be achieved by conducting the programs according to the following guidelines.

Guidelines for operation of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program
The educational values, practices and mission of Mount St. Joseph University determine the standards by which we conduct our intercollegiate athletics program.

The responsibility and authority for the administration of the athletics program, including all basic policies, personnel and finances, are vested in the president. The Athletic Committee serves in an advisory capacity and makes athletic policy recommendations to the president.

The welfare, health, safety and academic progress of student-athletes are primary concerns of athletics administration on this campus.

Every student-athlete - male and female, majority and minority, in all sports - will receive equitable and fair treatment.

The admission of student-athletes to Mount St. Joseph University will be based on the same criteria as that of non-athletes. Financial aid will also be based on the same criteria as that to non-athletes.

Continuing eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics will be based on students being enrolled full-time for the semester of participation and meeting all athletic eligibility guidelines as stated in Mount St. Joseph University catalogue.

Student-athletes, in each sport, will be graduated in at least the same proportion as non-athletes who have spent comparable times as full-time students.

All funds raised and spent in connection with intercollegiate athletics programs will be channeled through the institution's general treasury, not through independent groups, whether internal or external. The athletics department budget will be developed and monitored in accordance with general budgeting procedures on campus.

All athletics-related income from non-college sources for coaches and athletics administrators will be reviewed and approved by the college. In cases where the income involves the universities, functions, facilities, or name, contracts will be negotiated with the institution.