Athletic Committee

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The committee has a primary role to ensure the primacy of academic standards in the University's athletic program. The committee shall have primary responsibility for monitoring athletes' educational experience and the policies relating to the athletes' educational experience. It will have advisory responsibility in performing its other responsibilities.


  • Four faculty members
    Two of whom are elected by the faculty and two of whom are appointed by the President (none of the faculty members shall be coaches)
  • One administrative/professional staff member from the Registrar's Office (ex officio and nonvoting)*
  • One administrative/professional staff member (who shall not be a coach)
  • One student recommended by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and appointed by the President
  • Athletic Director (ex officio)
  • Dean of Students (ex officio and nonvoting)*

*To comply with NCAA regulations

Responsibilities of the Athletic Committee

  • To review and monitor the philosophy, standards, and objectives of the Intercollegiate Athletic Program and the external agencies which govern the program
  • To ensure that the educational values, practices and policies comply with the University Academic Standards, i.e. normal academic progress, academic achievement, and sound selection of course work
  • To ensure through review of athletic program policies that athletes have an adequate opportunity to pursue educational goals. Review should be made of those policies which can impact athletes' academic performance, such as those relative to travel, training, practice and game schedules, etc. for athletes. The committee's concerns should be raised with the following people in the order listed: the FAR, the Athletic Director, and the Head Coach
  • To consider appeals of institutional eligibility requirements from student-athletes, and make final decision as to their merit
  • To receive an annual report on the financial impact of the Athletics program on the University
  • To review and recommend policies relating to recruitment, financial aid, publicity, and fund raising
  • To perform additional duties as appropriate to the charge of the committee

Frequency of meetings: Monthly or as needed to meet the objectives of the committee.

*This information is part of the Mount St. Joseph University's Employee Handbook.