Lions come up short in battle against HCAC Competitor

Lions come up short in battle against HCAC Competitor

Location: Terre Haute, IN

The Basics:

The game was tightly contested as both teams struggled to get the ball into the net.  Both defenses were able to stop the ball from getting close enough for a shot as there was only 14 shots total between the Mount and Rose for the entire match.  Rose Hulman was able to get a goal in the second half which ultimately gave them the win with a final of 1-0.  

How it Happened:

The first half of the match was a battle between two great defensive teams.  The Lions were only able to total 4 shots, while Rose Hulman was held to 3.  Both teams struggled to get the ball near the net for scoring opportunities.  The score would be tied 0-0 as both teams went in for halftime.  In the second half, both defenses continue to dominate the game.  The Mount was able to get off 5 shots compared to Rose's 2 shots, but Rose was able to connect with the net in the middle of the second half.  This gave them the lead 1-0 over the Lions in the 66th minute.  Mount St. Joseph was unable to tie the score and was defeated by Rose Hulman with a final of 1-0.  


Besides the goal in the 66th minute the Lions played amazing defense.  They were able to hold Rose to 3 shots in the first half and only 2 shots in the second half.  

Up Next:

The Lions will come back home for another HCAC matchup this weekend.  On Saturday 10/21, they will play the Manchester University Spartans on Schueler Field at 1:00 PM.