Coach Argueta wins his second consecutive United States Youth National Futsal Championship

Coach Argueta wins his second consecutive United States Youth National Futsal Championship

Mount St. Joseph University's Men's Head Soccer Coach, Coach Rudy Argueta is a United States Youth Futsal National Champion again. He won the U15 United States Youth Futsal National Championship with the School of Ginga in 2017 and he did it once again this past February with the School of Ginga U13 Girls team.

The School of Ginga is a soccer organization which tries encompasses best practices for the development of young people and their ideas within their program. Our programs are based on culture, community, free play, training, and competition.

This is the second National Futsal Championship that Coach Rudy has achieved as he and the School of Ginga Co-Founder, Derek Smith, led the U15 Ginga Academy Boys Futsal team to the Ginga programs first National Championship in February of 2017 in Kansa City, Kansas.

Many people in the United States do not know what futsal is, but as Coach Rudy and Derek Smith explains, "Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced 5vs5 small sided Futbol/Soccer game played on hard surfaces. It is a widely played across the world and is officially recognized by both FIFA and UEFA.

Coach Rudy has an understanding of the game of futsal because he grew up with it. Being a native of Guatemala, you kids grow up playing playing street soccer, which is essentially futsal: "In Central America and South America, you grow up playing in the streets. You learn to play quick and learn to be creative using your skills. Futsal is a lot similar with more organization and discipline. Many professional soccer players and legends of the game of soccer, have started playing futsal before playing soccer on a big field. That is why their foot skills are superb and they develop amazing creativity. The main purpose of futsal is that you have to think quicker as well as play quicker." Coach Rudy has been a part of the School of Ginga staff and its community since 2011.

Derek Smith said the following about Coach Rudy Argueta:

"I have known Coach Rudy for 18 Years. He has been a loyal, supportive friend for all the 18 years. Coach Rudy brings to Ginga, 100% passion and knowledge of the game. He loves and breaths the sport as a player, coach and fan. His passion is contagious and the kids really respond positively to him. He is an instrumental member of the School of Ginga!" Smith continues expressing how Coach Rudy Argueta has helped the growth of the School of Ginga, "Rudy has been a big part of the coaching staff for the 2 National Championships. He helped lead the U15 boys to the championship in 2017 and played a huge role on the U13 Girls National Championship two weeks ago. Through trainings and games, he has helped set the standards for achieving individual and team goals, such as winning the United States Youth Futsal National Championships."

Coach Rudy has expressed how special the time at the School of Ginga has been to him, "I enjoyed very much this organization. Ginga has brought me back to when I was a little boy. The professionalism and the community base programs that this organization shows is outstanding. We have four coaches that respect each other and bring so much to the School of Ginga. Not only that we all have played professionally ourselves, but we have the knowledge and passion for the game. It is my pleasure being a part of this great soccer/futsal organization!"

As the School of Ginga keeps growing around Cincinnati, Coach spoke about the future goals for himself within the organization, "I love the atmosphere within the practices at Ginga and I see myself being a part of it for many more years. At this time, I want to keep growing and keep leading and helping this organization. With all that being said, I want to keep representing my family, friends and our Mount family in the best way that I can. Everything that I achieve, I represent everyone, including our Mount St. Joseph University."

Smith has expressed that the future of Ginga is very bright as they strive to create an exceptional environment for youth player development through soccer integrated programs. He also said that he sees Coach Rudy being a part of Ginga for many more years helping to grow the beautiful game of soccer.

Both of Coach Rudy's daughters play futsal for the School of Ginga in the winter. Coach's oldest daughter, Bella Rose, played in the US Youth Futsal National Tournament this February scoring a goal for her team. "My daughter, Bella, has a great experience playing with her team in Kansas. She played up her age against older girls and she had a great time with her teammates. I am grateful to Ginga for giving her this opportunity and look forward for her to grow and continue learning and having these opportunities with Ginga" coach said with great pride.

Coach Rudy is a 2-time United States Youth Futsal National Championship. He continues to represent The Mount at an exceptionally high level.